Tuesday, May 17, 2022

2022 Seven Years War Association Convention

 Back in the usual rotation after getting restarted last year from the PanDAMNit, The regulars gathered in South Bend, IN for a weekend of gaming and socializing.  Over the years it has evolved to having a number of games on Thursday night, all day Friday and Saturday, and Sunday as a travel day.  Still a bargain at $35 for the weekend.

Photos (click on them to upsize) are arranged by the game since some repeated over the weekend.  The quality of the eye candy has always been among the hallmarks of the event.  Hope you enjoy.

Hulsen's Attack on the Krechor, 1757 with Paul Petri and modified Shako.

 Skirmish in Saxony, 1760 with Alex Burns and Inhaber rules (in development).

Luzzara, 1792 with Dannie Fogleman and Twilight of the Sun King Rules.

Beaver War: French vs. Iroquois with Chris Engle and Follow Me Boys! rules.

Battle of Banja Luka, 1737 with Michael Mathews and Final Argument of Kings rules.

Poltava 1709 with Michael Wedding and Age of Honor rules.

Prague: the Opening Attack, 1757 with Pat Lebeau and modified Shako rules.

Bread and Croats with Jim Purky and Terror rules.

Battle of Port Egmont, 1768 with Jurgen Olk and Modified Tricorne rules.

Mollwitz, 1741 with Steve Verdoliva and Grand Tactical for King or Empress rules.

Battle of Germantown, 1777 with Tod Kershner and Easy Home Brew rules.

Assault on Carillon Heights, 1758 with Bob Moon and 40mm Tactical, Modified rules.

Fighting on the Frontier, 1760s with Pat Lebeau and Fist Full of Lead rules.

Guilford Courthouse, 1781 with Michael Wedding and Guns of Liberty rules.

Buttock's Massacre with Tod Kershner and 54mm Iroquois Terror rules.

Battle of Culloden with Joseph Barrette and Paper Soldiers and Black Powder rules.

Miscellaneous or games that I lost track of: apologies to those GMs. 

I know I missed getting pictures of some of the games and probably mislabeled others.  The standard is very high for the look of the games.  Everyone seems to put a lot of effort into the visual aspect of the con, as well as the game design.  Plus the convention is unique in that ALL the participants share a common interest or love for the period and gaming.  When you go to a generic con you get all sorts of players and occasionally "that guy" who makes gaming less than enjoyable.  Not so with the SYWA convention.  

Or as one person described his first time participation there, "we came into a hall full of strangers and left with a ton of new friends."  Can't really ask for a better endorsement than that.


  1. Appreciate the photos Michael!

  2. Thank you for the pictures and write-up. I think this convention is one of the hidden secrets of the miniature wargame community. I hope to get out to it next year.

  3. Great posting Michael ,fun as ever...