Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Return to the Arsenal

For the 4th of July I wanted to do a War of Independence game, but the Neville Museum in Green Bay has all my figures on display, so we turned to our Imagi-Nation mini campaign for a game.  Using our countries in Charles S. Grant's work, "The Annexation of Chiraz" we are playing the fourth game.  Tabletop rules as always are "Batailles du l'Ancien Regimes" by Bill Protz.

Early in the Latverian campaign to conquer Rondovia the Arsenal at Petersville, a key source of powder was seized by an overwhelming force.  Now a Rondovian force, chosen after the opening moves of the campaign, seek to retake it.

The view of the Latverian defenders as we march on table.

But lo, a group of lights emerge from the woods to try and flank us.
So we find that our three musketeer battalions and hussar squadron are facing three Latverian units (one a grenadier), a light battalion, a cannon and squadron of hussars.  Oops.  Oh well, we are ordered to attack, so attack we shall.

Room is tight to deploy initially, but the lights are immediately
taken under fire.

Latervian defenders in the Arsenal looking in our direction.

Constricted table works against us as their cannon exacts a
small but steady toll.

Grenadiers and a gun against line.  A losing proposition.

Finally in line and able to get off the first shot against the opposing
line of musketeers.  Lights are suffering.

Latverian line scampers away and eventually off table.  Lights
will soon follow.

The Arsenal defenders make themselves known.  The villagers
cower amid their (lovely) buildings.

The musketeers facing the grenadiers have run off, though not
before "killing" the gun crew and damaging the grenadiers.
We arrive at the crucial point.  Out-numbered and out-qualitied, we have had some success.  Running off two units (one a small unit) and converging on the objective with the Latverian grenadiers on the wrong side of an impassable river.  But one Rondovian unit is testing with each casualty and only mine is in good shape.  Rush the Arsenal or retire to fight another day?  The order was given and...

We back off as our hussars scurry out of range.

Our last view of the Arsenal and the bitter defenders.

"Did they really leave, or it is a Rondovian trick?"

No trick, we left.  Post battle we rolled to determine the status of losses.  On a d6 a "6" is killed, a "5-6" is a heavy wound, and "1-3" will rejoin the colors next day.  The Latverian hussars for example started the game with only 11 of 12 castings and the light battalion with 27 of 30 from the previous action.  The next action will be much larger in terms of troop density.


  1. Great looking game, love the fortified arsenal...

  2. very inspiring, indeed!!!captbill