Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Battle for the Arsenal

The small country of Rondovia lays at a strategic juncture of rivers and mountains, is rich in resources like saltpeter, and is bordered on three sides by Litharus to the east and north, Latveria to the west and north, and Procland to the south.  As such, the passage of armies is not unknown to its inhabitants. 

It came as no surprise then, as dawn broke at the gunpowder arsenal outside Petersville to see the approach of hostile Latverian forces.  A well-trained (by Litharusian "advisors") battalion took station at the firing steps, while the town militia was summoned.  Unfortunately the simple structure, though offering hard cover, could only accommodate one rank of firers at a time.

Rules are our usual "Batailles du Ancien Regimes" by Bill Protz.  10:1 figure ratio, card activation for movement and firing and an old school flavor.  The mini-campaign that this kicks off is driven by one of the publications by Charles S. Grant.

The arsenal on the left and alarmed village.

In the distance, light troops approach.

The eager Latverians waste no time in a summons, but immediately
open fire on the walled arsenal.

Latverian hussars move to cut off any escape as
the Border Foxes deploy and add their firepower.

Slowly tightening the noose as musketeers and grenadiers march on.

Observing the village and enduring the galling fire of the militia
who actually dropped one.

The Border Foxes continue to earn their sharpshooter status.

A wagon rolls, loaded with scaling ladders.

The gallant defenders are taking heavier than expected casualties.

A patrolling squadron of Rondovian cavalry arrives and finds
itself on the flank of the Latverians.

Musketeers form as the ladders arrive.  They will have the honor
of the first assault.

Casualties and the sight of  the scaling ladders brought out the
surrender flag from the garrison.

The Latverian commander, Duke Alten, examines his prize after
the garrison vacates.

The town militia quietly disappeared into their homes, hiding their muskets and evidence of firing as best they could.  Petersville had been occupied before and likely would again in their lifetimes.  So make the best of it.  The Litharusian advisors had slipped away sooner, to carry word of the action and estimates of Latverian strength.  Is this a raid, or an occupation attempt?  Casualties, which are carried forward in our mini-campaign, were light for the Latverians in general. 

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