Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Battle for the Burg

Along the river the gently moving waters did little to indicate the carnage that was coming.

USS Essex, Cairo and Neosha patrolling.

CSS Richmond, Albermarle and Neuse steam to attack.

Both sides steer clear of the shallows.

Not much effective firing at long range.

The town readies itself for potential bombardment.

Several ramming attempts, usually glancing off harmlessly.

The view from a fearful shore.

Rebel guns are being knocked out and a friendly "ram" results in flooding.

A small fire breaks out as they disengage.

Damage is mounting on the Union ships though.

Funnels shredded the Reb ships slow but keep pounding.

Always closing on the town.  A few shots are directed at buildings.

One Yankee ship sinks.  Now three to two odds.

Another Yankee sinks.  The third slips away leaving the town to their fate.

The Rebel squadron was under orders to bring fire onto the Union-controlled town.  After six shots they would begin to earn victory points.  Balancing it was the value of the ships.  Some thirty-five Union guns faced eight Confederate.  Superior speed from on the Union side faced superior rams on the Rebel ships.  As it turned out ramming played little part in the game.  Many ramming attempts were made and one "torpedo" attack, but they were very ineffective.  What mattered was lucky shot placement that beat holes in the Union armor and then continued to hit the now vulnerable spot.

Rules are Steam and Black Powder by Neil Stokes.  Ship models are 1/600 Thoroughbred Miniatures.

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