Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hold the Line

We had four players, each with a 1000 point mid-war list gather last Wednesday to play the "Hold the Line" mission for Flames of War.  While 2000 points for the defenders (Germans) may sound like a lot, half had to be held off table in Delayed Reserves.  To help though, two of the on-table platoons could be in Ambush mode.  For this mission there were only two objectives, one set by the allies and the other by the Germans.  The game ended any time the Americans controlled an objective on the start of their turn.  The Germans won if after turn six there were no attacking stands on their half of the table.

To the game then.

 1000 points of armor and 1000 points of armored infantry with 105s and TDs in support.  This after the recon move while the mid-line is still in place.  The Germans had 1000 points of veteran infantry with StuGs and Pak38s, along with 1000 points of Falschirmjagers with Pak40s, Neberwerfers and support weapons.

 German starting positions.  Nebelwerfers, dug in infantry and a section of Pak38s.  Naked and alone on the hilltop they could not survive the tank onslaught which out-ranged them.

Release the secret weapons!

 Time is not on the American side so they swiftly moved to encircle and threaten our forces.  The Nebelwerfers managed to pin some troops but with a low AT value could do little against the armor.

We had a Falschirmjager platoon and Pak40 section in ambush mode around the closest objective.  They were sprung earlier than I would have preferred but we couldn't let them get too close.  Recon hides behind the hill.

The Pak40s exact a toll among the Trained Americans.

Turn 3 and we successfully roll for reserves which immediately light up a Stuart.

The entrenched infantry are subjected to a combined arms attack.  The American infantry sports a lot of firepower from dismounted MGs, but cannot assault.

Artillery eliminates a Pak40 and the American tanks and recon get braver.

Turn four and no reserves for the Germans.  The speedy Stuarts are outflanking us and have an eye on the second objective.

A real Donny-brook erupts in the center around the first objective.  The Germans get lucky when the Pak40s and infantry unpin in time.  It's good to be Fearless.

Nice shootin' there Tex.  It was like that.  Totally hot or cold.  Not much in-between.  Even dug in the American infantry began to evaporate between the German infantry and Nebelwerfers.

Turn five and we get two reserves platoons.  A platoon of Falschirmjagers scurry into town for cover.

And a section of recoilless rifles are dragged into position to cover the second objective.  Strangely enough, they have been in multiple games but have never fired a shot.

 The American tank destroyers (this is mid-war remember) are unleashed and rush to attack the StuGs.  Two are bailed, a TD is destroyed in return.  But alas for the American side, a tank platoon is wiped out (got the last one), which prompted a company test which they failed.  So although they destroyed the StuGs and there were still American stands on the German side of the table, the shot up infantry and TDs had little chance of taking either objective and the game ended in the bottom of turn six as the Pak40s began to relocate.

Thanks to Jon, Matt and Dan for coming over and giving it a try.  We started sometime after 6pm, ate some pizza and finished slightly before 9:00.  A good way to spend an evening.

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  1. On a school night?!! Looks tremendous fun as ever.