Friday, November 30, 2018

Flames of War

A Flames of War late-war game between my Americans (finally used!) and Germans at 1500 points.  Kind of thrown together on a whim, using the new cards and points in 4th edition.  My formation had paratroopers supported by a LMG platoon, pack 75 platoon, 105mm gun platoon, tripod mounted .50 cal. AAMGs, a platoon of Shermans, a platoon of M10s with a security team and P-47s.

The Germans had a platoon of Tiger I, platoon of Panthers, two grenadier platoons, 8cm mortars, a pair of 15cm infantry guns, and Stukas.  Mission was annihilation and the Germans got the first move.

Starting position.  Craters are a crossing check but cover only
for infantry.

Pack 75s smoke the Panthers so the M10s can get into position.
One had been bailed by a Stuka.

My P-47s, while appearing frequently at first, were totally

As the paratroopers boldly (and foolishly) advanced the M10s
played hide and seek with the Panthers.
The German mortars ravaged my pack 75s but fortunately there were just two 15cm guns so they had to reroll hits.  Aircraft are usually impervious but over the course of the game I got lucky and shot down both Stukas.

The Tigers engaged the Shermans while the 105s were fairly
ineffective too.

I managed to get the security section and all but one stand of
paratroopers eliminated, though the LMGs had a strangle hold
on town.

Creeping and maneuvering, the HQ and attached bazookas finally
got in on pair of bailed Panthers and eliminated them.

The Tigers have killed all the Shermans in a duel of not hitting
each other but now feel very alone.

The Tigers began to back out, harrassed by the P-47s as the Americans consolidated on their right.  A good game to remind us of the differences between mid-war, which we'd been exclusively playing of late, and the power of late-war troops.

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