Saturday, January 13, 2018

Battle of Middle Potsdorf

A Tundra Con tradition has become an invitational BAR game (Batailles de l'Ancien Regimes) on the Sunday after.  This year we played on an 18x5' main table with two back tables in play, each 18x2.5' in length.

Primarily featuring our Imagi-nation forces with a stiffening of French line, guards and heavy cavalry.  Around 1900 28mm infantry and 300 cavalry figures total with appropriate artillery.

All troops deployed on the back table, which was fully in play.
Representing Litharus and Rondovia.

The Franco-Latverian-Prockland-Odessenau side of things.

Thundering first move on one end...

And first move on the other.
The ridge dividing the table was considered impassable terrain except for the gap and road.  It also blocked line of sight to prevent any firing from one zone to another issues.

No one wasted any time coming to grips.  Match-ups are all
important, here we see Cossacks fighting dragoons.

At the other end the infantry tried to be prepared for any reverses.

Back and forth with superior numbers beginning to tell.

Twelve Litharusian squadrons against six, later eight squadrons.

The cavalry recover on the other end and withdraw to catch their
breathe and let the infantry duke it out.

la Gardes Francaise.

Prince Soubise (seated) has reason to look relaxed and confident.

Fresh troops are fed in.  Nothing like the look of a "big battalion."

Gaining a real advantage here, but French cavalry is on the move.

Some units are getting rather small.

Re-ordering behind the ridge, ready to renew the fight.  Things
are looking good here.

The Grassins move up to support the Guards.

Litharus marches to the aid of the Rondovian command.

High water point on the Rondovian side of the table.

Time and again the Rondovian cavalry are tested by the French heavies.

The victorious cavalry rally back to re-order and continue.
 Alas, once again Prince Soubise is victorious as the larger French units are able to roll over the Rondovians and Litharus brigade despite them getting a lot of first firing cards.  I'm beginning to believe I'm cursed by cards.  In my previous game all nine firing cards had gone against me.  In this game ten of eleven were for the other side.

The French Maison du Roi pursue the fleeing Rondovians.

A delegation from Middle Potsdorf awaits the victors with
open... "arms."

BAR is card-driven so one side moves or fires on black cards,
the other on red.  We used two decks, one for each side of the ridge.

The participants.  Left to right seated: Andrew, Khymanta, Bob,
Brent, Todd C., Bill (Marechal Soubise).  Standing: me (General
Ouromov), Todd P., Paul, Chuck, John and Dan.

So for the second year in a row Soubise has bested Ouromov.  But no matter for a good time was had and a close-fought engagement.  We started flipping cards at 10:30AM and had a clear result by 4:30PM with a lunch break added in.  I was on my way home shortly after 5:00.  Next year Soubise!  I'll have something tricky up my sleeve.  

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  1. Thank you --- a grateful thank you --- to all involved. This is a very appealing tradition post Tundra Con. I appreciate the opportunity. Respectfully, Bill