Sunday, May 7, 2017

Battle of Arcot - Somewhere in India

The background to our action:
"Messieurs, we have gathered at the behest of the Nawab of Arcot to repel the British and their allies who have invaded Madras from the Northeast coast.  Clive will no doubt be marching to support the force which seized the village to our front.  Following a preparatory bombardment, when the sun is at its zenith we will attack.  The honor of the assault will belong to the Nawab's forces.  I will place myself near the center with the Royale Ecossais and Grenadiers de France and support from native irregulars.  Monsieur Lambert (my mother's maiden name) with the Irish regiment Lally, converged grenadiers and marines will cover our right.  A swarm of native cavalry and some French light cavalry will support.

Bon chance mes amis.  To your positions!" -- Marquis d'Bussy

The French primary objective,

The French back table, fully in play.

The rest of what we knew of the English/native army.

Native irregulars to the front.  Europeans in the second line.

Turn 2 Clive arrives with reinforcements.

A methodical French advance.

My elites (dice roll) scatter enemy vedettes and hit regular cav.

Protecting the center flank by pushing.  Thr new Duc d'Arboy
Marines in the foreground.

Pushing the center as the British quietly await.

Slow advance on Arcot.

We are noticeably out-numbered on the right but a bottleneck
greatly helps.

Routing irregular cavalry are jeered by the advancing Irish.

The Irish are greeted by a charge of enemy light horse,

They calmly empty all but a few saddles and the remainder rout.

Having taken galling fire the redcoats charge my native infantry.

The infantry didn't immediately rout so cavalry to the rescue!

Marines and converged grenadiers against Sepoys and regulars.

Close order natives charge our open order troops so cavalry pile
in to help. 

The regulars prepare to decide the center.  But they have elephants.

A real cluster... uh... mess in the right-center.

After the fact, my lights eliminate the British regular cavalry.

The center is won!  Despite the British getting the first fire card
seven turns in a row.

Final position on our left.

As time (and energy for me) ran out at 4:00 the consensus was that it was at least a marginal French victory.  The defender of Arcot felt that it would eventually fall, the center was a clear French win, and the right would be turned by Clive in time.  Though having the only viable cavalry on the right would hopefully make it take long enough.  We saw a number of cavalry mobs swarm in all directions during the game.

The game featured the colonial version of our popular "Batailles de Ancien Regimes" system which caused a few "oops" for those like me that assumed things were the same.  Although there were some wonderfully painted new units specifically for India, we were forced to press into service an assortment of Eastern Europeans, Afghans, etc.  Not an area of concern.  The occasion was the birthday of our host and rules author Bill Protz.  We even got birthday cake decorated with the image of the Taj Mahal.  


  1. Spectacular battle, wonderful terrain and minis...and always glad to see a French victory!

  2. Great game, nice to see SYW India

  3. Good Morning Michael,
    Thank you for posting your photos. I appreciate seeing the game through your eyes. I also appreciate you being able to participate most of all.

    Bill P.

    1. Like any memoir, it is what we see at the time. Like the line in Independence Day, "Hello boys, I'm baaaaack!"

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  4. Great looking battle..Glad to see a French victory. Love thelook of the cake.nice to see all those new Sepoys painted.glad to see you playing Micheal ,stay healthy my friend.

    1. Thanks. I tried to e-mail you a direct link to the post but what I have on file is apparently not correct it bounced.

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  6. Nice report Michael, it's always good to read the report from your opponents point of view.