Tuesday, January 10, 2017

TundraCon III

The third annual TundraCon game day was held at the Appleton Legion Hall Jan. 7th.  Despite bitter temps and sub-zero wind chills we had another solid turnout.  My thanks to the 30+ players and two vendors who showed, it is always a good thing to finish in the black.  So mark your calendars for January 6th, 2018.

I believe all the scheduled games ran and all were almost full.  Players usually had three or four games to choose from all the time.  There was even enough room for the odd pick-up game.  The Legion provided food and beverage for participants, or there were a number of quick choices nearby.  For those looking to overnight in the future, there are also several hotels very close.

I didn't get around to take as many pictures as usual, but the images below will give you a feel for the action and types of games available.

"To the Strongest" ancients game

3D version of the classic "Steading of the Hill Giants"

"Villains and Vigilantes" 

"Tanks!" from Gale Force Nine


Italians and Austro-Hungarian WWI "what-if" using "Naval Thunder"

"Sails of Glory" 
"Epic Armageddon"

There was more To the Strongest played, along with some Jacobite Rebellion using Final Argument of Kings.  A 1/600 Russo-Japanese naval game changed history.  Probably more I'm forgetting.  My understanding is the last left about 11:30pm Saturday night after setting up for a special game on Sunday.  I'll blog on that later.  Kudos to the planning group of Dan, Adam, Paul, Bob, Todd and myself for pulling it together again.  Hope to see you there next year!

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