Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tanksgiving 2016

Once a year we set aside our normal Flames of War games and indulge in a big table "heavy metal" game of nothing but tank lists.  Hosted by Adventure Games in Oshkosh we had thirteen players this year, some new, some veteran and some returning to the colors, with them bringing 28 lists totaling a whopping 39,500 points!  In the initial deployment we had three Soviet and three US lists going against six German.  One player had to leave early but that worked well with a late arrival, so everyone got to play.

Before the first move on a 12x6' table.  Each side had a 12" deployment

Prepared Positions, Mobile Battle and Ambush mission rules
were used.
 We modified the usual Tanksgiving rules somewhat, limiting air to a maximum of three missions, objectives deployed on the center-line and reserves coming in by company instead of by platoon.

On our end of the table the Germans held back and tried to
whittle down the Soviets.

The Soviets began to get victory points for center-line objectives.

Both sides were aggressive on the US end of the table.
Center section with Pershings vs. Jagdpanthers and a JagdTiger.

Even the Super Pershing succumbed to German fire.

Not without loss though.

The Soviets were doing well till a lucky round of rolling took
the bite from their JS-IIs.

Eleven of the thirteen players.  All smiles before the game.
After all the smoke cleared and the victory points totaled, it was a draw, dead even.  More importantly we had a good time, met some new players, made some good sales for the game shop, and set the stage for the next one.  Thanks to all who participated.

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