Friday, September 2, 2016

Medieval City in Cardboard

Before our last game Bob brought over his collection of cardboard buildings he has brought back from yearly visits to Russia.  I've seen these on eBay and they are amazingly durable.  Pre-cut and colored, they set the stage for a great medieval walled city. 

Beginning the set up.

These "ladies" are from Bob's private collection.  The ones that come
with the buildings are 2D.

Buildings open up and are fully detailed inside.

The main keep.

A bridge over troubled waters?

The wheel turns and inside a mill stone awaits grain.

And when it comes time to storm the castle, scaling ladders are provided.

In Russia these are just a few dollars each.  I saw a nice set on eBay for around $140 which seems pretty reasonable to me.  Since these come flat and have to be assembled one empty suitcase is all it takes.  Treasures from other lands.  Now to plan a game or role-playing session around it.

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