Saturday, August 27, 2016

Court News - Grand Duchy of Litharus

In light of the flushed status of the Litharus treasury following the "reparations" taken from neighboring Latveria some months ago, Grand Duke Alexander Orzepovski has decided to expand the guards.  The converged guard battalion, currently at 600 man strength and is half and half Leib Guard and Grenadier Guards.  This battalion will be split and each half-battalion brought up to a field strength of 480 rank and file.

The combined battalion formed and awaiting the additional men.

Already the Leib Guard have recruited and uniformed the men necessary to allow it to field.  The Grenadier Guards will shortly follow.  How much action these units will see, especially the Leib Guard, remains to be seen.

Marching in from your right, the new elements.

Colors leading, the Grenadier Guards march off.

Wheeling into line by section.

And voila!  A new battalion, formed and ready.

"Pretty, but can they fight?"

Publically, the reason for the army expansion was simply "because we can."  Privately, other factors were stronger.  As overheard  by a fly on the wall in the Grand Duke's private receiving room.  "All right my dear Count, your intelligence work was correct and we have reaped a bountiful coup against our rival nation.  Now what response might we expect?" inquired the Grand Duke.  Count Lippe, head of the diplomatic corps, paused as if choosing his words carefully.  "The loss to Latveria is one more of prestige than actual material loss.  We damaged their army but lost many good men as well, particularly within the cavalry arm."  After a pause to let that sink in, the Count continued, "We can expect them to take some kind of action.  To distract the population if nothing else from the embarrassment of our raid... um, reparation taking, and will try for an attainable goal."  "All right" said the Grand Duke, "and what might be an 'attainable goal' for them?" 

"Lenkin!  Maps!"  The Count's aide scurried forward, clumsily strewing maps along the floor and table where the others stood waiting.  The Count quickly shuffled through them and began unfolding one on the table.  The Count began: "I believe this area offers Latveria the greatest chance for a successful operation.  There are economic resources available, the opportunity for territorial expansion, and a much smaller opponent that can be overwhelmed."  "I see," said the Grand Duke, "your analysis seems sound.  Now, tell me more of this....  Rondovia."

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