Sunday, August 28, 2016

1793 - Battle of Cholet

In 1793 the Vendee, a region critical to France for raw materials, rose in revolt against the bloody-handed Republic.  Enthusiastic Royalists, bolstered by some regular army battalion that remained loyal to the late King fielded the Great Catholic and Royal Army of Anjou and Haut-Poitou, and dealt the Republican forces some stinging defeats.  Despite some aid from England, never at the level promised, in the end the first revolt was put down months later in a most bloody and violent manner.  This engagement is loosely based on the historic action at Cholet, Oct. 14th, 1793.  The actual action had many phases and our engagement represents the "Battle of the Heights" as described in issue 79 or "Wargames."

Rules are modified Empire (no grand-tactical movement, etc.).  To reflect the surprise attack and unprepared nature of the Republicans, most units start the game in square formation and the Vendeans are right on top of them as seen in the first picture.

The Vendean right wing, with the best troops is ready to assault.
The left wing prepares to attack the weaker (looking) French.

One Republican battalion is deployed, the others vulnerable.

The Republican left, looking towards the center.
The hill was quickly swept of Republicans, only the rough ground
slowing the advance.

The Vendean cavalry was largely outclassed and heavily outnumbered,
but put in yeoman service, buying time before being overwhelmed.

The Vendean left was held up by Republican cavalry, giving the
right a chance to move.

The extended view of the Vendean left.

Republicans have the rebels penned on the high ground.  Although
a good position, it is being steadily out-flanked.

Here we had to quit, being on a short timetable.  With the Vendean cavalry gone and the scattered Republican brigades closing, it looked grim.  Compared to the historic result, it was a crushing defeat since the rebels did well here.  As it turned out we had attacked into their strength and despite some lucky results in melee were probably doomed after deployment.  Still, always interesting to game a historic action and use different troop types and figures than are the norm. 

Thanks Todd for planning and executing the scenario.


  1. Great looking game, nice to see some of the armies you recently paraded in action. Thanks Michael

  2. Nice to see a Vendee battle, well done!