Friday, July 22, 2016

French/Allied Napoleonic Pass in Review

Prompting from a friend got our group wondering just how many Napoleonics we had painted for Empire and what they would look like at together on one table.  Well, 6,300 miniatures later we had the answer.  Below you will see pictures of two groups of Republican French, several from the Peninsula War, a few from the 1809 campaign with Austria, and one (la Garde) from Waterloo.  With a covey of Marechals fluttering about Napoleon, it made for quite the spectacle on a 16' table.  Click to big-up the pictures.

Republicans on the right, with Peninsula veterans and Saxons onward.

The early French groups are based on the historic OBs for Novi and Marengo.  Which of course prompted one of our group to paint up Suvarov's Russians.

The 1815 Imperial Guard is on the left and front right, backed by
Suchet's III Corps from Spain in 1810.

Surprisingly, among our five players contributing figures, we only had two duplicate formations, the 1er Reserve Cavalrie Corps from 1809.  But who doesn't want Carabiniers in bearskins?

Ney's VI Corps from Spain and Oudinot's II Corps from the 1809
campaign against Austrian, Poles and some generic French.

We decided to include French allies, with Poles, Italians, Saxons, Bavarians, Hessians, among others present.  Their contributions to the early French victories not to be forgotten.

Among my collection is a gathering of the French Marechals.  Note l'Empereur and his entourage, Massena in his carriage, and a host of others.  Some not pictured are with their corps.

Yes, per Empire the guns should be over-crewed, but hey...

I painted these in the 80s an early 90s and they have served me well.

A grand view of the center and right table.

We weren't even set up completely yet and the army stretches onward.

Next up, the Allies.  Russians and Prussians and Austrians, oh my!  Prepare for an even more cluttered table.


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