Wednesday, July 27, 2016

And Now for Something Completely Different...

The Allies!

As a follow-up to the French "pass in review," we had to assemble the opposition.  As you can see below, we have just a few more of them than French.  The head count for the British, Portuguese, Brunswick, Dutch-Belgian, Spanish, Austrian, Prussian and Russian armies was just over 10,500 painted miniatures.  The Austrians and Russians being the top two nationalities represented.

For your consideration, click on the pictures to enlarge them:

The long view

Peninsula and Waterloo allies

British, la Vendee and Spanish

Lots of Austrians

More Austrians

1812 Russians

1799 and more 1812 Russians

1806 Prussians supported by 1815 Prussians
In the "that's interesting" category, when we assembled the French and their occasional allies we only had two formations duplicated, the 1er Reserve Cavalrie Corps.  Here however we had two I Korps for the Austrians, two 2nd Army of the West for the Russians, and some Peninsula duplicates.  All in spite of having half again as many figures among the five contributing collectors.

1792 la Vendee troops

Peninsula veteran Portuguese

A few of my British line

von Bulow's 1815 Prussians

Russians with the inevitable Pavlov Grenadiers.

Looking the long way from the other end.

So now that we have this information and documentation, what to do with it?  Obviously we can do most any battle we want if we don't mind substitutes.  Might we manage some kind of Leipzig mega-game in the future?  Or keep it manageable?  We still have a significant number of unpainted minis already on hand to complete real or imagined projects.  At least it is nice to have options.


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  1. Prodigious mass. Amazing too! A thought? Converge several units together and do a 1:10 battle. Congratulations to all.
    Cheers and bravos,