Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Disaster at Yabbi-Dabbi-Doo

With historic reenacting disrupting my weekend schedule a few of us hit upon the idea of starting a "Monday Night Fights."  Having taken a hiatus from Flames of War for almost a year we opted for an early-war loosely structured campaign in North Africa starting with the massive Italian invasion of Egypt in September, 1940.  The mission is a fighting withdrawal and by buying every legal resource I own we got to 1955 points for the four players.

Normally our group is very conscious of bunching up, the dreaded "parking lots" of song and legend, but knowing that I automatically got the first move it allowed from some liberties.  Unfortunately I couldn't scatter out as much as I wanted.
Starting positions, with a platoon of Vicker MGs held in ambush.

We have tanks, mortars, heavy and medium artillery and the air force.

Luckily for us the first 25pdr. barrage managed to not land.  But the presence of two Matildas (can't kill them) and the Vickers who eliminated my ATG platoon in one turn spell ill fortune. 
The burning vehicles are appropriately flame-thrower tankettes.

The table really is two-toned brown, just looks pale in the light.  We push forward quickly.

In the four turns played the sporadic air support showed up every turn and three out of four times got three aircraft.  However, the only hit scored was on the last turn.
I love these old birds.  Historically speaking, not the model.

Seeing that even direct fire from the 100mm guns couldn't pierce a Matilda's armor I rushed the entrenched British infantry before they could redeploy and finish off the Italian armor.  Already one platoon had disappeared.
The moment of glory for the Carri.  Successful assault and
destruction of three British infantry stands.

Despite pinning the British on our left, the Italian infantry was chewed up and prospects were dim.  The Matildas were already having an effect and the British had none vital platoons to pull off per the mission.  So on turn four I gambled all for the win.  Three CR-42 Falcos swept in and scored their one hit of the night.  But missed the Matilda.  Sigh.  My tanks assaulted the 25pdrs. but despite being pinned they destroyed one M13/40 and another bailed to stop the assault. 

And so I peevishly conceded the game to the victorious Commonwealth players.  They had good dice when they really needed it and we did not.  Our artillery was particularly ineffective and when dealing with dug in infantry it must do its job.

The next game will roll the clock forward a few months and will hopefully offer a unique opportunity.  Eventually the Afrika Korps will arrive.

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