Monday, May 30, 2016


As seen elsewhere there are great blog postings on the Battle of Weissenfells.  Der Alte Fritz relates the planning and blow by blow description here: and the French commander Bill Protz relates a story-like version here.  So I'm just going to share the eye candy pictures and my perspective as a brigadier.

This was my first "Mega-BAR" game and given they only happen every few years, it was not to be missed.  Played with 25/28mm figures on a 28x18' table (runways between each 6' of depth) and well over 3000 figures made for a remarkable spectacle.  And fun game.  Click on the pictures to "big-up."

One of the villages anchoring the right side of the Prussian position.

Part (just part) of the host assembled.

Looking towards our objective on the Prussian left.

Did I mention three game tables, all 28x6' and all in play?

Surging forward with Prussian back table in sight.

On the Prussian back table, the last village held by  them.

My Irish, Scots, Bavarians and Germans in French employ
advance with regular French support.

Did I mention... yeah, I guess I did.

Der Alte Fritz himself moves cuirassiers against me.

My Bavarians calmly await with their opening volley.  We emptied
many saddles and repulsed this particular attack.
Words aren't really necessary from here on.  Just enjoy the spectacle!

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.

And so it came to an end.  While we had not completely attained our objective at the designated ending time I feel confident the village would have fallen.  With seven battalions (one fresh) and two guns against three battalions (one fresh) we would have prevailed.  My new brigade also captured four Prussian guns.  Bear with my pleasure, I usually get hammered by the Prussians.  But quasi bragging aside the main thing is that it was a SPECTACULAR experience.  Good humor abounded and everyone took the imbalanced scenario, based on Aspern-Essling in the Napoleonic Wars in stride.  The Prussians, in the role of the French, were significantly out-numbered on our side of the river.



  1. Michael,
    It's mighty fine to see your photos of the game and bring back fond and lasting memories. Thank you.
    Bill P.

  2. A wonderful report Michael. I enjoyed crossing Sabres with you on the Field of Mars and tip my tricorn to you for a well played game. It was a great French victory.


    1. Thank you Jim, very kind. Certainly a game to tick off my "bucket list."