Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hill Giant Steading Playtest

Peg and I traveled to our old stomping grounds in Rochester, MN to help playtest a convention game based on the D&D classic module: Steading of the Hill Giant Chief.  Nine pre-generated characters in the 12th-16th level range entered the Steading using the TSR Battle System: Skirmish rules.

Our host used the rubber exercise mats with 1" grooves cut in them to hold in place the walls and features of the Steading, printed and mounted on cardstock.  We were greeted by a covered enclosure and elements were gradually revealed as we advanced.

Part way through the game.  The guard tower was moved to
accommodate melee.

Infinite options with the grid 'n grooves system, looking very
much like stone floors.

Entering the main hall and seeing giants and more giants and a few Ogres.

Close-up of the party around the big fire.  Guests include Stone
giants and a Cloud giant.

Fighting our way in from the right as the chieftain bugs out.

Another view of the Steading and the courtyard full of Dire Wolves.

One last view of the potential.  Many of the rooms were inhabited
but you had to go in first.

After five hours together, which included background info, a quick explanation of the combat system and us being a little late, the GM declared the "good guys" victorious.  The Hill Giant Chieftain and his consort had retreated to the lower levels which were never part of the planned game.  The players got a good time with lots of laughs and the GM got ideas of things to pre-plan in anticipation of likely player ideas, particularly as it pertains to spells.  We could easily shave an hour off the play time with more things pre-generated or planned.

Dinner at Applebee's afterwards for most players completed a fine and enjoyable day.  As the giants might say, "Rock on!"

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