Sunday, May 22, 2016


May 15th the group continued their quest for a decent set of ancients rules by playing "To the Strongest."  The Macedonians took on the Spartans (and a few friends) in a six player game.

First some details about "To the Strongest."  This is a diceless game.  Yes, heresy for certain, but not without merit.  A deck of cards is used with the face cards removed.  You must activate each unit by flipping a card.  You may activate the unit again by drawing a higher card.  Units are assigned a combat value so you hit by drawing that number or higher.  Players are free to move from unit to unit till they fail an activation, at which time your turn is over.  In our game each side had three "divisions" so three divisions went before the other side could draw activation cards.  This meant that five of us watched while one played in our playtest, but with more experience and a deck per division it would go at a quick pace.

Early moves as the Spartans seize the initiative.

Macedonians await and blow their first movement activation.

The chits on the missile armed units represent ammo supply.

This shows how the cards play.  After moving them all one might
go back to the three and flip for it, then the five, etc.

Both sides have "deep" units so pikes vs. long spears is okay.

Battle for the ruined temple of [pick your god or goddess]

Once hit you draw a card to negate the hit.  Small units go away fast.

Not that the winning was important, but each side had a break point from units or commanders lost.  For the 2nd game in a row Alexander the Pretty-Good got killed.  Leonidas also went down with his 300, but I think he survived.  The Macedonians broke at some point.

Bottom line, although this particular game played deadly slow I think with a bit more experience and more decks to allow for playing at your own speed we'd have a good game.  I prefer dice for the randomness but if we shuffle the dice a lot to prevent card counters it will work.  I'm willing to go it again, with a bit more enthusiasm than for the last one.  Thanks Brent and Paul and Bob for providing the well-painted minis.


  1. Clever game system. My only experience was at Tundra Con 2016. Mike H. hosted, did a good job and he kept us moving fast - essential I believe. I had fun. Cheers,
    Bill P.

  2. Cool report and great Xyston figures.