Monday, April 11, 2016

2016 Seven Years War Association Convention

The weekend of April 1-2 in South Bend, IN I got to enjoy the company of famous gamers, designers and authors at the Seven Years War Association Convention.  A Friday-Saturday event, it features games full of eye candy and scenarios ranging from the Great Northern War to the French Republic.

Besides the vendors and the keynote talk from Professor Christopher Duffy, the con offers the opportunity to try out rules and periods.  I played in three games over the weekend and watched many more.  Some pictures, click to big-up.

First game: Plains of Abraham by Michael Wedding, Final Argument
of Kings.  In the unusual position of playing British.

Near the end.  Nouvelle France will now be known as Canada.

My second game, part of Jim Purky's Battle of Kolin pre-fight.

Looking over my command, with Jim seated in the background.

We arrived Thursday night and chatted with old friends and did some pre-shopping.  Friday the vendors got set up with a good selection of painted and unpainted figures, paints, books and pretties for the tabletop.

Lynn Langer brought some spectacular 15mm ships with crews.

Some had been kit-bashed, others were as cast.  All were awesome!

I should have done this sooner.  I forget the battle or GM.

Friday night and the wife and I were able to eat in the hotel (Waterford Estates).  Not a big menu, but with enough choice to make for good eating.  The Waterford was really nice and great value for the price of a room.

Great Northern War Swedes and Russians.  I believe for Under
the Lily Banner.

Wonderful Purky painting.  Austrian Hussars from his Saturday
Battle of Kolin game.

I want it!!  However I couldn't get any reliable information about
where to get my own, or how to make it.

Sunday I got into Dean West's game of Final Argument of Kings.  A historic battle from 1762 between the Prussians and Austrians.  I commanded the Prussian left and had a most unusual game experience.  Usually the dice are kind to me, or at least not "bad."  This day however, I had on 2d6 exactly three rolls higher than "five."  One seven, one ten and one eleven.  The latter two at the end of the game.  In a game where most rolls need to be high, this was very annoying.  I think I tried every pair of dice in Dean's box by the end of the game.

Turn 0 table view.  Dean always sets a gorgeous table.

My valiant command.  Note the "dial-up" order chits.

Both sides marched on large numbers and the table quickly filled.

In the end we mauled the Austrians enough to achieve a tactical draw which was a strategic victory.

Jim Mitchell winner for best game, Fort Carillon (Ticonderoga).

Somehow the British got inside the works.
Saturday was Dr. Duffy's 80th birthday which was celebrated
in style.

Part of Juregen Olk's yearly game set in India.

Juergen setting the table and hiding the objective.

And we think the western theatres are colorful!
Some of Jeff Knutson's amazing 1/900 paper ships.

After a good night's sleep and complimentary breakfast we undertook the leisurely trip back to Appleton.  This was probably Dr. Duffy's last trip to the convention so I'm doubly glad to see him again and hear his talk.  Tough act to follow for next year.



  1. Nice report Michael. I think that the unidentified game was Prague.

  2. Michael,
    I'm glad you do reports like this. Thank you.
    A fond memory now anticipating next year's weekend.
    Bill P.

  3. Great report and Pictures ,I love your Headliner picture..Hilarious.

  4. Your unidentified game was the Battle of Prague using Warfare in the Age of Reason. It was a fun game.