Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"Tanksgiving 2015"

Eight players and 15,000 points gathered at Adventure Games in Oshkosh for the annual Flames of War "Tanksgiving" game on Sunday the 29th.  A late-war struggle with Soviets, British and Americans against the best of the German Army.  Each side started with 4,500 points on table and started bringing in reserve companies right away as more players joined in. 

The Soviets were a mass of T-34s and self-propelled guns, the Americans a tank company headed by a "Super Pershing," and the British force fielded Comet cruiser tanks with Achilles tank destroyers in support.  No artillery except for some 105mm Shermans.  The Germans had Kampfgruppe Peiper, a Jagdtiger "company" and a veteran Panther company.  Needless to say, the expensive German tankers were significantly out-numbered.

Looks peaceful, eh?

Germans had the first move and tanks began burning on both sides.

Air missions were regularly obtained and frequently intercepted.

Fearless SS tankers mix it up at point-blank range.

Facing the Jagdtigers and some Panthers the Soviets burned
brightly, even with close US support.

Is that Brad Pitt?

Part of the 2nd wave, more US armor.

The Super Pershing hunting cats.

After killing Peiper, two more waves came against the British,
both with Tigers, but were held off.

So the end game ended.  No objectives taken and held but after factoring companies destroyed or run off it was a tactical victory for the Allies.  The gaps created by company morale failures were going to allow a speedy advance by the Allies.  Twenty Soviet tanks were destroyed, about ten American and five from the one British element fighting.  German losses were numerically smaller but with the majority of their vehicles expensive Panthers and Tigers the point count was in the Allies favor as well.  None of the three Jagdtigers were destroyed, so with the Ostwinds keeping aircraft off them they made a good purchase.

Always fun to play with lots of armor and vehicles we don't often use.  We got to introduce one player to the game and give another an opportunity to play.  Thanks to everyone for playing and for Teddy and Char hosting the game in their store.

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