Monday, November 9, 2015

Somewhere German-Speaking

The latest in our Final Argument of Kings games featured Prussians vs. French.  My good camera has failed, so my phone had to suffice for pictures.

Six French cavalry regiments faced an equal number, if sometimes smaller sized group of superior Prussians.  Eighteen battalions (two Swiss and two grenadier) opposed sixteen Prussian, ranging from a monster grenadier battalion to Frei Korps troops.  The French had three medium and one heavy battery.  Not sure what the Prussians fielded for artillery.  Given the qualitative edge across the board for the Prussians, we thought it would give chances for both sides.

The Prussians split their cavalry equally between the two wings, while the French kept theirs concentrated on the left.  Newly painted Maison du Roi were in one brigade.  They wasted no time and charged with supports as soon as they were within range and threw back the out-numbered Prussian cavalry.

In the center the French advanced only far enough to contest some light woods and establish a line.  The Prussians advanced boldly and managed to catch the French heavy battery limbered, scattering it with artillery fire.  The other Prussian cavalry brigade advanced unopposed, only held up slightly by terrain features.

As the battle progressed the French cavalry ran off or destroyed their opposite numbers while retaining enough fresh troops to impact the center.  The infantry lines began to do a clock-wise turn as each left defeated their opponents.  The devastating volleys of the Prussian regulars was dealing out great harm but the French were holding on as the two grenadier battalions were committed.  The other Prussian cavalry, taking a wide swing to avoid entangling with friendlies, emerged too late to save the day.

With the resurgent French cavalry ready to fall upon their flanks and rear the Prussians began a steady withdrawal.  Given the shattered state of most of the infantry, the French could only follow, not pursue.

I don't recall how many turns were played but it was perfect for the time available and we were done in two hours, not counting set up and take down.  Thanks to Todd, Dan and Andrew for coming over for a friendly one-off game.


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