Sunday, October 18, 2015

Diplomatic Relations

Count Lippe, head diplomat in the court of Grand-Duke Orzepovski of Litharus is pleased to announce a grand ball to welcome Baron Erik Juel of Denmark-Norway.  Representing King Frederick IV, the opening of formal diplomatic relations brings with it the opportunity to take goods to many fine ports and bring in finished goods.  The initial meeting was reportedly very cordial with talk of renewing the alliance that fought against Charles XII in the Great Northern War this century.

Given the uncertain state of relations with neighboring Latveria, the prospect of new opportunities for trade and allies is most welcome.  Several portraits were delivered along with the diplomatic retinue. 

King Frederick of Denmark-Norway
Queen Louise of Mecklenburg-Gustrow
One wonders if the inclusion of a portrait of Princess Charlotte is a hint of a marriage alliance?

Princess Charlotte

Reliable reports suggest the Danish field army would bring a solid force to any battlefield.


1st  Birka LN 
2nd Visby LN 
3rd Viborg LN 
1st Skara Lt 
1st Trondheim 
2nd Trondheim 
Art (5 guns) 
Dragoon Brigade 
Plus 3 ships of line and 2 attack sloops.


  1. Princess Charlotte is not much of a looker.

    1. Perhaps the artist comes from the Goya school of art. Paints 'em as he see 'em.

    2. Presumably the large dowry she will come with will improve her looks no end... ;)