Monday, October 12, 2015


No, I don't mean Australians, but new miners added to my SYW forces.  There is little information on the few forces that had a standing force, as opposed to drafting men from the ranks of an infantry battalion, so I made them pretty generic.  With the up-surge in interest in these parts and campaign potential they could serve many masters.

London War Room figures produced now by RSM, I picked these up at this years Seven Years War Association Convention in South Bend on a whim.  Finally painting up the dribbles and drabs of this and that.  Click on the pictures to big up.  Camera has been a bit wonky lately, so not the best images.

As above but with the flash.  Better?

Mud-splattered and with dirty faces they are ready to repel a sortie with a brace of pistols, sabre and even the shovel.  If needed they would do a good job of supporting or supplementing the Memel Pioneers of Litharus.

Next up on the paint sticks: Prussian artillerists and two light guns, French dragoons and finishing the Royal Ecossais battalion.  Then... who knows?


  1. Nice looking (and useful!) diggers, well done!