Sunday, August 23, 2015

Latest additions

Introducing the latest painted troops for our historic and Imagi-Nation games.  Two brigadiers and a noted personality with an escort of Dragoons.

Foundry figs, ready to lead my expanded Prussian forces, or act as a stand-in (next post).  Bases are very inexpensive plywood disks from my local Joanne Fabrics in the craft section.  Table and extras were cobbled together with odd bits from the gubbins tray.

Next up some shots of the dragoons, representing Regiment #8 Alt-Platten.

Our games typically have squadrons of twelve figures so I need to scrounge up seven more.  I have some, but they are a different brand and really don't mix well.  While I'm at it, the flanged movement trays are from Shogun Miniatures, as are the magnetic 1x2" bases.  I've had very good service over the years and highly recommend them.

We just played the second game from the enjoyable "Raid on St. Michel" book by Charles S. Grant.  At the moment I have almost all the painted forces for both sides.  However, today I was told my diabolical plan has worked and my Latverian opponent has his army planned out and is working on his infantry second unit.  Yes... yes... all according to my master plan.  Bwah-ha-ha-ha!


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  1. Excellent jobs, love the map vignette especially...