Friday, June 12, 2015

Some Days the Bear Eats You

We decided to change things up a bit and play a mid-war Flames of War game last weekend.  With four players anticipated we opted for a 3,000 point game.  Dan and I drew up the appropriate Soviet v. German company lists.  Knowing that Dan had mostly armor painted I went with a Panzer company, though decided (wrongly it turned out) to take a list where I could put lots of things on the table for the first time.  The mission I randomly rolled, Counter-Attack was bad for my list.  I could only have one platoon on table with mobility.  Anything else could only be on if they sacrificed transport for the game.  So I took the 150mm battery, single 88mm gun (extra crew), panzerpioneers (at least they have a good AT rating), priority air support and my platoon of 3 MkIVg panzer.  Reserves would come in on the opposite corner section.  I commented "we should just declare you winner and start something else" but I wanted to play it out.  Oh well.

Nothing but tanks with air support.

Feeling a bit naked.  My MkIV tanks are in ambush mode.  Maybe
I'll get lucky.

The Soviets wisely wasted no time assaulting and killing the pioneers.

Ambush sprung!  One hit for a bailed T-34.  Sigh...  Storm-troop back.

T-70s assault the guns.  88 stops one assault, T-70s win theirs.

Killing some Soviets but no reserves, no effective air and terrible
rolls doom us.

I must be in Alabama, 'cause it is "roll tide, roll."

One reserve of Marders comes on but cannot engage in time.
So with the Soviets sitting on an objective already on turn five, no air rolled and my reserves a long ways away we called it.  In this case all armor beat combined arms, though the scenario, which was also a disaster for the defender last time we played it, determined a lot of  the result.  Add in the abysmal dice rolls for both Germans combined with the hot rolls from the Soviets meant it wasn't as close as it appears.

But I made mistakes too.  I should have kept the pioneers back so the Soviets couldn't get to the on the first turn.  Dug in around the guns (we were allowed prepared positions) I might have been able to put up a better fight.  Congrats to Dan and Kevin for giving me the worst spanking I've experienced in Flames of War.  Next time comrade!  <grin>


  1. Let it be said that NOTHING went right for the Germans this day. I've never seen so many 1s and 2s in a Flames of War game, a problem only made worse by the scenario. Kudos for playing it out.

  2. What is the point of creating a scenario that you know is lopsided? Seems like a waste of valuable gaming time.

    1. Well, we use dice so there is always a chance. Had my ambushing panders scored 5 out of 6 instead of one we might have been hailed as brilliant.