Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A New Regiment

Just in time, or perhaps to distract from the conflicting stories coming from Latveria the Grand Duke of Litharus has proudly announced the activation of a Guard element in the Litharusian Army.  While the main army is undertaking "exercises" afield, this noble battalion will guard the capital and provide a source of valuable officers for the line units.

Containing two elements, the Guard Grenadiers and Leib Guard, they will provide a potent force for delivering the will of Grand Duke Orzepovski.  Each element will be granted the unusual distinction of carrying two stands of colors, for a battalion total of four.  It is said that they are being designed by the Grand Duchess herself.  As the battalion is still slightly under-strength, a presentation ceremony will occur once it reaches full strength.  (Anyone have six spare Russian Grenadier Guard figures?)

The battalion in formation, under review.

The command elements are viewed.

Grenadier Guards, even sporting hand mortars.

The Leib Company.

The Grand Duke accepts the cheers of his men and lackeys.

A handsome wagon to accompany the battalion on their travels.

This and the garrison battalions will provide internal security while the main army undertakes their "maneuvers."  


  1. Magnificent Michael. Well done. Bill P.

  2. Wonderful, splendid uniforms and beautiful details, the Grand Duke is so impressive!

  3. Very nicely painted figures. They look almost to fine to be sent to the field. The wagon is a gem!

    How did you construct the lipped movement stand for the grenadier guard figures?


    1. Thank you. The movement trays are produced by Shogun Miniatures http://shogunminiatures.com/ for a very reasonable price. He can make them to suit your needs and also carries magnetic bases cheaper than other sources I've found. Highly recommended.