Monday, February 2, 2015

Pioneer battalion added

The forces available to Grand Duke Orzepovski of Litharus have been augmented by the addition of a pioneer battalion.  Anticipating increasing operations across rivers and the potential for sieges it was deemed necessary to expand the handful of officers under Count Krontsteen to a full unit capable of combat operations as well.

Here we see them in simulated action constructing gun positions and parallels for siege work.  While such routine operations may not excite the men, the skills perfected will pay dividends later.

When not toiling at the works, the pioneer battalion is armed with muskets just like any other infantry unit.  Although they fall under the heading of the artillery arm, they are drilled with musket and sabre.

The construction of siege parallels is an important function of the pioneer battalion, all while keeping a watchful eye on the enemy.

Here we see the flag of the artillery regiment.  While not carried into combat, here it serves to inspire the men and remind them of their heritage and power.

Gabions, like those in the rear serve to not only provide additional cover, but also to keep any "overs" from counter-battery fire from rolling deep into the position.  Chevaux de Frise in front of the works serve to slow or discourage enemy infantry from getting too ambitious.

Members of the battalion stand guard near the workers in the event of a sortie from the besieged enemy.

Work continues on the gun position.  This will hold a larger gun and crew than one would see in the line of battle.

And so their training continues until such time as they are needed for army operations.  The Grand Duke is well pleased with his new unit and ponders how to best use them.


  1. An excellent addition, indeed...Bill

  2. Splendid pictures, great looking terrain!

  3. Pioneers greatly increase the potential diversity of games - and yours and their work are eye-candy!

  4. Very nicely done! The RSM-95 figures look great.


  5. Very glad to see them Michael!
    I enjoyed the photos and interesting captions too. Well done.