Thursday, November 20, 2014

Chippewa 1814

As a playtest for our coming mini convention "Tundra-Con," we fought an element of the Battle of Chippewa using the free rule set "Cousin Jonathan."  Figures are roughly 20mm from the Complete Brigadier many years ago.

Indians and Glengarrys on the left, the 89th and Fencibles on the right.

We await the onslaught.

The Jonathans advance boldly, taking artillery hits.

On the left the Glens skirmish as the natives attempt to flank them.

Very morale driven the rules see lots of advance and retire. 
Here the 89th falls back disordered as the Lincolns advance.

On the far right the artillery keeps the Americans at bay,
though it is running out of ammunition.

With the Glens in trouble, the Indians leave the shelter of the woods.

Seeing disordered Americans everywhere, the brigade charges.
Many as the Lincolns melees with the second line.

The 89th moves left as the Glengarrys rout from being charged
in skirmish order.

Although the Lincolns rout, three of four American units in the
brigade are running, so their brigade will have to retire.

Although the Glens have run off, the natives double-team the far
left and will rout the enemy.

So with most of the American army in rout or retreat, we ended the game.  Two British vs. four American runners will require the army to retire.  The general break point for the American army is almost always lower than the Crown forces and gives a game that "feels" very right.

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