Friday, October 24, 2014

Early Argument of Kings

Sixteen battalions of "improved" Prussian musketeers and fusiliers, along with six cuirassier regiments and two hussar regiments, with artillery support lined up to attack.  The Russians had eighteen battalions of Pandours, musketeers and grenadiers awaiting them.  About half the Russian battalions were smaller than their Prussian opponents.  Copious artillery was dispersed along the line in support.  Back, off the line were cuirassiers, horse grenadiers and hussars.  Knowing they were outclassed at every level the plan was to stand on the defensive early and counter-attack at an opportune moment.

Russian left.  Wider front but less depth than the Prussians.

Center along the ridge, which negates the Prussian shooting advantage.

Prussian infantry closes quickly, while the cavalry watches for openings.

The Russians work for an advantage but the dice favor Prussia.

Losses are heavy in the first Prussian line, but the Russians suffer too.

The Prussians refuse their left, which the Russians begin to probe.

Limited counter attacks clear out some of the Prussians.

Having lost a battery the Pandours prepare to attack.

The cavalry fought back and forth with no decisive advantage for either.

Artillery ammo runs low and the Prussian reserves approach.

Disordered horse grenadiers regroup.  Empty ammo markers pile up.

Crisis coming.  Excellent cav will sweep the hill as the infantry strikes.

The storm is coming onto the depleted center.

Having beaten grenadiers and broken a square(!) they now rout cavalry.

Russian cuirassiers to the rescue!  The Prussians are run off.

Both sides have a lot of runners and casualties.  Getting thin on the ridge.

The confused cavalry fight is slowly going in the Russian favor.

Continued hammering.  Note the order and ammo markers.

Both sides are nearing the end of their offensive capabilities.

We have a positional advantage on the right, but are exhausted.
At this point it appeared to both commanders that offensive operations were not practical.  There were some opening volleys available to both sides but the cavalry was shot for some time to come, artillery was depleted or run off, and some brigades had virtually ceased to exist. 

So we took time to gather our casualties
collect the routed (lots more not pictured)
and call it a night.  Another fine game of Final Argument of Kings by Dean West with play test additions to 1st Edition.  All in all a historically typical Prussian-Russian result.


  1. Nice batrep with beautiful mines of troops!

  2. Great battle report, thanks...Billl