Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Welcome a new unit

The Grand Duke Alexander Orzepovski of Litharus is pleased to announce the formation of the Dainava Forest Jagers.  It had been noted in previous engagements with Germania that our Pandours, however valiant, have been out-classed by their rifle-armed opponents.  Drawing on the husky hunters and woodsmen of the vast Dainava Forest, a small experimental Jager Corps has been formed.  With a unique Litharusian touch one third of the men are armed with muskets and bayonets, to be able to provide a formed base to operate around as well as to offer a faster rate of fire and the bayonet to the enemy.  (Translation: I had a bunch of mixed figures with no clear use so I created an Imagi-Nation unit.)

Wearing a mid-brown coat with dark green facings it is hoped that they will operate effectively in cover.  Being a mixture of fresh and older recruits, some opt for a more relaxed look to their uniform.  (Translation: I'm told these are mostly OOP Redoubt figures and are an odd lot.)

And so a new half-battalion joins the army, with more than a little bit of whimsy.  At present the Grand Duke has no plans to expand the corps to a full battalion.  (Translation: very unlikely I'd ever stumble across anything similar.)  With the Pandour battalion and pulk of Cossacks we now have a light force with which to wage le petite guerre


  1. Bravo Michael!!!
    A needed lot to.

  2. Beautiful troops, nice poses and great paint job...