Thursday, July 3, 2014

Regulars by God!

On the eve of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Chippewa during the War of 1812 we brought out the minis last night for a game of Cousin Jonathan.  A free set of rules from the Complete Captain, it is a highly morale-driven game where your training level is also critical.  As such it allows outnumbered Crown forces to match up against the more numerous but typically lower trained Americans.

By a dice roll the Americans were standing on the defensive.  The American left had two drilled regiments of regulars, the 1st US Rifles and an elite militia group.  Facing me was a cloud of Natives, a Canadian Fencible regiment and two units of well-drilled regulars.

On our right three regiments of regulars, a militia unit and a medium battery defended the hill and woods.  Opposing them were the Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles, a cannon and three redcoat units.  At least two of them were well-drilled regulars, the 49th RoF.

The GLI kept up a harassing fire across the line with honors fairly even.  The "Black Stumps" allowed the regulars and artillery to get into position.

Casualties, maneuvering and terrain cause the small "D" markers which are easily removed if you are well-drilled.  Otherwise you will fall into disorder.  A unit or brigade covered by you colors indicate your orders for that turn.

Terrain and unlucky rolls delayed the British on the American left, so the right turned into the main struggle.  British artillery began to rip holes in the American formations as the Glens peeled away to unmask the deadly lines.  The American gun spent most of the game getting into a better position, but would have a critical effect later.

Finally, we come to grips on the left.  The Rifles are about to retire to allow the regulars to get into play.  Elsewhere we were slowly losing the musketry duel.  The natives were forced to fall back, but began to relocate where they could threaten American flanks.  The Rifles began to follow their route.

And so it came to a close.  The British came storming up the hill in an all-out charge.  They routed the first unit they hit but then were ravaged by the finally effective US artillery.  They routed and took another unit with them.  At this point the British commander called off the engagement.  Unable to move AND fire (unlike the British) the Americans were content to see them go.

I used to play this game system regularly when I lived elsewhere but this was the first game in eight years.  The basic play is smooth and quick after the first couple of turns.  We will definitely be trying this again.  Miniatures are from the Complete Brigadier to true 20mm figures.  I'm sure there will be more games.


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  1. Nice looking game, great resistance for the American troops!