Monday, February 24, 2014

Flames of War Demo

As is our practice, the "Fox Valley Rangers" went to Fire for Effect Games in Oshkosh, WI for our monthly session the last weekend.  No website, but has a Facebook page.  Both "Ranger Dan" and I brought troops for both sides, up to 1500 points.  This week we enjoyed small (500 point) games with Matt and John.  Both have purchased at least starter sets.

"Ranger Dan" (left) and Matt

The shop owner Teddy, always has a nice selection of Flames of War items in stock as well as some related products.  He is very much a gamers shop owner and deserves our support.

Dan took Confident-Trained British infantry with some Vickers, 6 pdrs. and 3" mortars against Matt's Confident-Veteran German infantry and a pair of Pak 40s.   Both sides moved into contact and the usual carnage resulted.  While Dan was losing on his right, the combined arms of infantry and artillery (direct and indirect) was too much.  Although Matt was just a double move away from an uncontested grab of one of his objectives, Dan got to his first.

John and I then took over the table.  I had just gotten some pre-painted BF models on eBay and wanted to put them on the table.  So I put together a 1500 point Panzerspahkompagnie, Confident-Veteran.  This was full of armored cars, half-tracks and light (very light) tanks.  My biggest gun was a 50mm so I worried the Americans I'd face would have tanks. 

I was relieved to find that I face Confident-Trained American armored infantry.  Of course, they sported eight bazookas that would all go to firepower tests against my lights.

I took a recon move to get the jump on the left, though the Americans were the attacker and had the first move/fire.  He dismounted his halftracks with a ton of .30 and .50 caliber machine guns to support the bazookas.  As we got in range the Pumas on my right stopped the American advance.  My Luchs and SdKfz 250/9 half-tracks mixed it up, and quickly lost one of each to bazooka fire.  But then the dice deserted John.

His troops pinned and would not unpin, despite rerolls for leadership and I was able to rush an objective with the Pumas and a pair of unarmored SPAA.

John was hitting my vehicles with his bazookas, but could not roll the killer punch, and to make matters worse I kept getting back into the vehicles.  So a successful debut for my new toys!

March doesn't work for FfE's schedule but that's okay because we will be there April 5th for International Tabletop Day.  Doing demos and generally trying to generate interest in Flames of War and historic miniatures.  So come on down and play.


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