Monday, November 25, 2013

Tanksgiving 2013

On Saturday the 23rd we brought a tank battle, the likes of Prokharovka to Fire for Effect Games in Oshkosh, WI.  Six "regulars" and five new players put 18,000 Flames of War late-war forces on the table.  Dan Wideman and I had brought some extra companies of 1500 points each and all but two ended up in use.

The premise is simple.  All companies have to based on armor, only one infantry platoon per company, and such gun platoons as needed to round things out.  Special reserve and aircraft rules were in place.  In the end we learned the same hard lesson found at many the game table: never go against a little kid.  Especially not a cute little girl.  While Cheyenne was there rolling for her Dad she dominated the battlefield. 

We started with three German against four Allied companies (British and American).  As things became shot up or new players arrived we just added them in.  Last to arrive on table were Soviets and Americans as we learned how effective the new ISU-122 could be.  However, in the end the Germans won on objectives held and tank platoons destroyed.  A good time for the regulars and a fine introduction for the new-comers.  I heard something about "dropping buckets of money" now that they saw it was a fun and easy system.  Click to enlarge pictures.

But to the pictures:

Initial Allies dispositions from the north edge.

German side looking up from the south edge.

First blood!  Strangely enough from artillery.

The Allies did most of the early advancing.

Both sides risk bog rolls in the ruined village.  David Graffam buildings.

Really big Kats vs. really big rockets.

With predictable results.

The Cromwell company really begins to suffer.

But the Panther/MkIV mix is wrecked, so Tigers from reserve.

Newly arrived Churchills are greeted by the Luftwaffe.

With minimal effectiveness.

Now the Soviets arrive.  You get a lot of armor for 1500 points.

And Americans in the north.  Finishing off a panzer coy.

So we counter with Trained Panthers.

The battlefield is starting to look like a junkyard.  Several motivation failures occur.

Soviets advance using wrecks as cover.  A lone Panther opposes them.

A Jadgpanther company enters in the center to oppose the Soviets.

More splendid Kats burn.

But a run of good shooting halts the American advance.

One of the final views of the carnage.

And with the pictured crush of destruction it was clear the Allies weren't going to break the Germans and retake the lead in points or objectives.  Still, a most enjoyable time with enough wreckage to satisfy the biggest destructive urges.

Thanks to Teddy for hosting us at Fire for Effect.  Many of the new(er) players asked when we could come back.  That's the spirit!


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  1. Nice report with great pictures...I love the planes' pictures, really nice ones!