Tuesday, September 10, 2013

End of Summer Activity

Not much gaming lately and less blogging.  So since you've no doubt wondered, "what's up with Michael?" I thought I'd bring you up to date.  :-) 

After gaming my biggest hobby is historic reenacting.  With school starting we knew we were going to have little time so we decided to cram as many events as possible into the mix.

End of July - Rendezvous on the Sault; Sault Ste. Marie, MI
The "Hard Core Four" - Phillip, me, "Gilbert" and Michel
I found myself acting as sergeant for the combined French forces
With la Compagnie Franche de la Marine du Fort la Jonquiere.  This was a fun little event for us despite the tornado that came entirely too close Friday night.  The event was all French, so with no British there to tell us what we were doing wrong, it was quite enjoyable.  Definitely a candidate for going back next year.

First weekend of August - Pike River Rendezvous; Kenosha, WI
With pomp and circumstance as we search for our mid-day meal

"What do you mean, more!?"
Your standard Rendezvous that thoroughly enjoys having our Napoleonic era 21e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne attend.  We even made the front page of their Sunday paper.  Besides a lot of drill and marching about, we chased pirates and enjoyed meals and merriment with the Black Horse Inn. 

Mid-August - Tall Ships Festival; Green Bay, WI
The USS Niagara provides the backdrop

"Come cheer up me lads, tis to glory we steer...."
We were invited to be part of the "color" for the Tall Ships gathering at Green Bay.  Many familiar and some new tall ships came in.  As the lines were long and hot, I just cruised along representing the Royal Navy as HMS Nancy (1812) while engaging the public in music and jokes.  A good time and no camping!

Last weekend of August - Pioneer Village; Freedonia, WI
"Disperse ye rebels!"

His Majesty's 55th RoF
Since joining the 55th Regt. of Foote we have enjoyed a small number of semi-local events.  We weren't able to go to go with them out east to Colonial Williamsburg so we try not to miss the close ones.  The 55th is a very active group when out, always running a skit if not drilling or engaging the public in conversation.  My kind of people.

So finally, to complete the five events in six weeks run, we finally get to wear the same uniform again at:
Last weekend - Platteville Historic Encampment; Platteville, WI
The Troopes des Colonie, wondering where the artillerists had wandered off to. 
Our colors in the background.

The infantry tents.  Not pictured, the family wall tents and the Captain marquee
This is an educational opportunity for our unit.  No opposed tacticals, but a school day, city parade, and various demos all weekend.  The Saturday evening fare was especially enjoyable as it finally cooled down a bit and the music, song and adult beverages flowed freely.  A good ending to the run.

Now we have two whole weekends off before our last event in North America this year.  I have to word it that way because in October we go to Germany for the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig, the Battle of Nations.

So that's what I've been doing on weekends.  You?


  1. Makes my heart flutter Michael!
    Good for you, Peggy and friends.

  2. Thanks for the update, Michael. Germany? That should be great fun!