Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I haven't had many gaming opportunities till recently, but in exchange I've done some historic reenacting.  First up with the Klash on the Kankakee in IL with the NorthWest Territorial Alliance (NWTA) in the 55th RoF.  Click to enlarge pictures.

Over the course of the weekend we drilled a great new with a new recruit in the ranks and still relatively new me; set a camp guard to interact with the public; dispersed malcontents and those who would spread sedition; and engaged the rebel mobs in pitched battle.

No "Common Sense" here

The interaction with the public became rather spirited at one point, with a non-reenactor from the crowd urging the assembled masses to rise up in revolt while the children pelted us with bread.  I was not amused...

Next up with the Days of Napoleon reenactment in Belvidere, IL.  It is supposed to be the "all up" event for the Brigade Napoleon and other like-minded individuals.  It turned out to be more of a Midwestern event, but my thanks to those who came long distances to support us, as we do when the event is held on the east coast.

We set up in a fine campsite with the French and Coalition troops separated by a wood line.  Out of sight but still close enough to make visiting after hours easy.  Over the weekend, despite being dogged by intermittent rain and heat, we set up a nice military camp; engaged in some serious drill with the larger numbers present; beat the Coalition in two out of three; and enjoyed our Regimental Fete where we observe the Emperor's birthday and remind our unit of how we got our battle motto.  After the private Fete we hosted a reception for the camp and period dance rounded out Saturday night.

About to sound "la Diane" and rouse the men

21eme Regiment de Ligne plus a Old Guardsman

3eme Cuirassiers

(Prussians not pictured)

Good times at the Ox Bow Tavern

All in all a splendid weekend with good work, good fun, good friends and a chance to honor and remember those whom we attempt to recreate.


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