Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gettysburg Day 1.5

It very late and we start nice and early again tomorrow so just a quick report and a lot of pictures.

We jumbled up the formations so at R.E. Lee I had Pickett come on table first for the Rebs.  Facing us was Buford's cavalry and the rapidly moving V Corps.  A series of cavalry charges typically ended in defeat or destruction for the cavalry it allowed the Union infantry to press dangerously.  The arrival of Hood's division on another road took of some of the pressure and as Ewell put in an appearance threatening the town of Gettysburg the Confederates slowly drove the Union forces back and effectively destroyed a division.  More and more Union forces began coming on table and with no sign of A. P. Hill both sides welcomed nightfall to regroup, dig in and receive reinforcements.

With daylight and after an intense discussion among the senior Confederate commanders, we decided to continue the attack.  Ewell's three divisions would strike through captured Gettysburg and off Seminary Ridge to try and take Cemetery and Culp's Hill.  Longstreet, minus Hood, would hold the center, with all his corps artillery and the ANV artillery supporting Ewell's attack by pounding the mass of Yankee guns and infantry on the heights.  Meanwhile A. P. Hill with the attachment of Hood would strip for the ground from the Peach Orchard down to Big Round Top, or even the on table Black Cat Hill.

Enjoy the pictures for now, tomorrow morning we pick up halfway through day 2 of the battle.

End of Day One.  Starting positions for Day Two.

The heights of Cemetery Hill have changed hands three times so far.  A lucky charge has routed off several regiments and batteries, and the massed Confederate artillery has done good work, though the largest battalion has run out of ammunition.  There are still four Yankee corps uncommitted so this General Lee is not overly optimistic about the morrow.  And where is Stuart!? 

A finishing report in a couple of days after I decompress.  Thanks for viewing.


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