Sunday, April 7, 2013

Seven Years War Association Convention - Part I

I made it!  Years of trying or hoping spring break schedules would line up and they finally did.  So game listings and shopping list in hand I arrived, prepared to be impressed.  I was not disappointed.

The quality of the miniatures and terrain was generally amazing.  So much love and attention paid to detail really heightened the experience.  There was Sanderhausen in 15mm with Final Argument of Kings (I played in this one):
And Falkirk in 15mm by John Read with Age of Reason:
An AWI battle by Legion of Honor winner Jim Purky using Sons of Liberty:
and Action Near Radeburg with Ken Bunger and Jurgen Olk using Tricorne:
Things aren't as grim looking for the Austrians in the game above as it might appear.  Units that were hidden or otherwise out of view weren't put on the table immediately.

In my game, a carefully researched historic refight, it turned into a battle of maneuver.  The cavalry viciously clashed with the French triumphant.  In this case quantity won out over quality.  As a result the infantry on both sides were largely unengaged until the Hessians were backed up against a dense forest with an impassable river behind that. 
They beat the Parley and to prevent unnecessary effusion of blood, I took it upon myself as the cavalry commander to grant them honors and let them march off with a three hour head start.  They then set up this picture opportunity of them marching off:

Quality sellers were in attendance and I dropped cash with George Nafziger, RSM and another shop I regretfully forget the name.  Books, miniatures and accessories were in large quantities, in and out of the period.  Eureka had tons of gorgeous miniatures with them, but alas are a bit pricey for my teacher's budget.

Afternoon/Evening games were the Battle of Suckenplatz using With Drums Beating and 10mm figures which I seemingly didn't get a picture taken.  Prussians vs. Russians in 25mm by Jude Becker using Age of Reason:
A Konig Krieg 15mm and Last of the Mohicans skirmish game in 25mm that I apparently also failed to get pictures of.  We were supposed to play the Battle of Bungwash in India Friday night.  The tenth engagement in an on-going loose campaign for control of India, the French had won nine of ten battles.  Clive was sacked long ago and now the besieged have issued forth to drive off the "French" and their allies.  Alas, too many key players were eating or otherwise indisposed so the game master, Jurgen Olk made the executive decision to put it off to Saturday morning.  Unfortunate for me because that was already the time slot that had the most interesting games, but that was the decision.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of the pre-game set up.  Talk about a colorful period!
Bungwash besieged.
French siege train
French Sepoys and Indian leaders
Company Sepoys
My mob of unformed future heroes and accompanying rocketeers.

I'll post all the pictures to my Picassa account later and give you a link in my part II report.  As the saying goes, the best is yet to come.


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  1. You said it! Amazing! Great looking pictures, especially for me the French siege train and the Company Sepoys...waiting for more!