Friday, February 22, 2013

Flames of War in Green Bay

On the 10th of February the group returned to Gnomes Games East for a Flames of War day.  We set up an early-war, mid-war and late-war game with a "Free for All" scenario on each.

Early war, BEF vs. the blitzkrieg

Mid war Americans vs. Germans.  I KNEW Santa was a gamer!

Clayton ponders his move, late war Germans vs. British

Two players were trying FoW for the first time and must have enjoyed it because they have since bought more stuff! 

Our game had a Reluctant-Veteran Cromwell company supported by armored infantry, Sextons, recon Stuarts, 17 pdrs. and Typhoons take on a Tiger II, Panthers, PzJr.IV, motorized grenadiers, MkIV panzers and a pair of 105s.  Not much cover meant the 17 pdrs. were very vulnerable and would have been wasted points except for the German desire to destroy them.  The Germans getting the first move meant there were burners right away.  My Stuarts made for an end run while others found what cover they could. 

The right with lots of armor and big guns.

The center with my recon move in the distance

Burners here and there

Meanwhile the early war game ended very quickly with a German victory.  Time enough to plug in a new player and go again.  The mid war game had the unique situation where ALL the American Shermans were bailed at one point.  The Germans had no trouble hitting and penetrating but could not roll the fire-power test to kill them.  Still, it was nip and tuck till the American learned a lesson about double dice following a double move.  Another German win.

Jadgpanzers caught in the open

Panthers hunting 17 pdrs.

Race to cover in the fields

Though I got planes every turn but one they did very little, nor did the Sextons.  In the end it came down to positioning lots of stuff and rushing both objectives the same turn.  The Germans simply couldn't muster the firepower to clear or contest both.  Because of my inability to roll good dice and Clayton's newness casualties were fairly light as FoW goes.  Not so on the other tables.  I believe the score for the day was Germans 3, Allies 1. 

We will be putting on another promotional session with extra armies for people wanting to try it out in Oshkosh, WI in the near future.


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  1. Nice report, Panthers are really impressive...nice vehicles too!