Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Colors Awarded

In recognition of honorable service to Grand Duke Orzepovski and to Litharus, battalion colors were awarded to the garrison battalions Grodno and Mogilev.  The ceremony was preceded by a parade of the two battalions in front of the Grand Duke and his entourage, including visiting officers from other lands.  At present their flag staves are bare.

While neither battalion had covered themselves in glory at the battles of Danzig and Breslau, they had both turned in solid performances worthy of a "regular" battalion in the army.  After the former battle they were allowed to raise a tenth company to bring them to a full 600 man unit.

A hollow square is formed.

With the Grand Duke, representatives of the two clergies and members of cabinet in the center.

A salute from a heavy gun is fired to honor them.

And the new colors, one for Litharus and one for their recruiting center are presented.
Afterwards the Grand Duke was heard to joke, "Who knows, perhaps someday I'll even put you in modern uniforms!"



  1. What a beautiful looking army and the addition of the civilians are a gem. The village setting is brilliant this is really good eye candy.
    Love your work, keep it up.

  2. All really good things for the Army, etc.
    Keep 'em happy!