Monday, January 7, 2013

Battle of Dinkydorf - The Conclusion

As we gathered to game amid the assortment of football bowl games on TV, it frankly looked grim for the coalition forces.  With couriers racing across the battlefield from the Frederick figure and with Dinkydorf seemingly in Prussian hands, the challenges facing the coalition seemed insurmountable.

A telescopic view

Prussian right as the Austrians arrive

Irish and French disengage away

The Austrians advanced aggressively on the right, throwing their excellent cavalry ahead in a position where the Hanoverians were already outnumbered.  In the center the morass at Dinkydorf was taking forever to resolve because of the terrain and movement restrictions.  While fielding a greatly superior force it seemed the Prussians would never break out.  Between Dinkydorf and Bittydorf the Russians were acting aggressively as well, charging up hill into the fusilier brigade, but were thrown back.  Oddest was the inactivity on the left.  There things were inactive despite a qualitative and numeric advantage and a direct order from Frederick.

Busting out of Dinkydorf.  Some building have been moved

The contest for Bittydorf, going the coalition way

Long view of the thinned out right flank

The battle ebbed to and fro on the right, with first the Austrians and then the Hanoverians having the advantage and initiative.  Given the situation in the center and the absence of good avenues to use cavalry, some of the mounted arm began to shift towards the center.  Meanwhile the French, Swiss and Irish to the left of Dinkydorf (Prussian perspective) finished their disengage and reestablished a new line.  On the far left a French brigade began the long trek up the hill to support the weak cavalry brigade bluffing off the Prussian heavies and Frei Korps brigade.

Closing for the kill, but not fast enough
Cavalry riding through Bittydorf to the rescue and destruction

With more effort than was expected, the Prussians finally expelled the stubborn Franconian and Swabian battalions in and around Dinkydorf.  Despite being troops of dubious distinction, some of them did very well.  On the left center the Hessians and Brunswickers continued to close on the "French" as the heavy guns limbered up and moved forward.  Dragoons and Hussars came into the area but strangely did not close.  Russian cuirassiers found it unprofitable to charge Prussian infantry in good order on "Hold."  The lodgement around Dinkydorf was expanded and the Grenadiers, finally free of the restricting terrain formed up to take the French line in the flank.

Russian view of the field between Dinkydorf and Bittydorf

Grenadiers ready to charge from left to right

But alas, we were forced to end the game as some players needed to go.  The Prussian/Hanoverian right was stable with no advantage or disaster anticipated.  Bittydorf was going to stay in the coalition's hands with the Bavarians and Saxons taking over the defense.  While the Russians had been mauled between Dinkydorf an Bittydorf, so too had the Prussians and Hanoverians so we couldn't really say Bittydorf was contested.  The French/Swiss/Irish group was in trouble with Prussians on both flanks and fresh troops to the front, but nothing was certain.  The hill on the far left, and third geographic "victory point" had troops of roughly equal strength closing on each other.  The Prussian cavalry was much superior, but the Frei Korps were inferior to the French and had expended their opening volleys.  So it seemed reasonable and homage to the fierce defense of the coalition to call it a draw.

Actual play was roughly eight hours with many impassioned distractions by NFL playoffs and bowl games.  I don't know how many turns we played but I'd guess about 20.  It was nice to be able to play a methodical game and perhaps more historical game without the press to "git 'er done." 

As mentioned in the last post, four of the nine players were playing their first or second game of "Final Argument of Kings" but they quickly picked it up.  Testiment to both their skills and the ease of play of the rules.  Everyone enjoyed the game, the sense of fair play, and the yummy food provided by the host and others.  A great way to say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013.


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  1. Very nice pictures, and nice conclusion, even if you had to shorten the game!