Sunday, December 30, 2012

T'was the night before Christmas

Okay, a bit late but at our game today (future post) one of the lads dug this out of an old issue of MWAN, (Midwest Wargaming Association Newsletter).  The consensus was that it was worth printing again.  So with full credit to Chuck Vadun and apologies to Sir Clement moore:

          T'was the night before Christmas,
                and in our own town,
  A wargamer slept with his face in a frown.
        "Did I leave enough hints?"
           he heaved with a sigh.
"Are there miniatures heaped on that sleigh in the sky?
    I left catalogues opened and highlighted bright
  Filled out order blanks which I left in plain sight.
      I wrote Santa a letter, a small book, some say.
        And Federal Expressed it only yesterday."
             And, with that, he woke up,
             and sneaked down the stair.
    Surprise of surprises, old Santa was there.
      He opened his bag, and deployed a line,
      of red-coated British, all painted so fine.
  Then a column of French and Napoleon too,
Massed for attack in their deep, dark French blue.
             And then, Santa turned an said:
                      "Don't be so lame.
  Get down on the floor and join me in a game."
 Well, we played all the night, or at least it seemed so.
And when Santa had trounced me, he made ready to go.
    But, I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight,
                "Merry Christmas, wargamer.
                   You put up a good fight."