Monday, December 24, 2012

Celebrations and Reflections in Litharus

News of the great victory outside Breslau (see previous post) reached the common people of Litharus about the same time as the first casualty returns and wagon loads of wounded began to arrive home after a rough, three week ride.  Reactions varied across the Grand Duchy, ranging from euphoria to a heartfelt desire to see the war end, to the reflection of the faithful.

A few kilometers north of the city of ┼áiauliai, a phenomenon began to occur.  Crosses began to appear on a hill that had often been part of the defense of the city.  It began to be a place for the faithful to pray for future peace and for loved ones lost in the wars.
In future years the Hill of Crosses will come to symbolize the determination of the people to keep their faith strong in the face of all the world will throw at them. 


I've taken the liberty of turning the clock ahead 70 years and starting the Hill of Crosses early in my Imagi-Nation.  In the real world we approach Christmas trying to remain firm in our faith as news from home and abroad would seem to indicate all is going to madness.  So I offer this post as a reminder of faith, determination, patriotism and a sincere wish for peace.  May the day come when all the battles are fought on tabletops with dice, laughter and good will.

Merry Christmas and peace be with you all.

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