Monday, December 31, 2012

Battle of Dinkydorf

To wrap up 2012 we gathered for a mega game, Seven Years War using our favorite Final Argument of Kings.  Using all the painted figures we have the were able to field the following for nine players:
22 Prussian battalions (six Frei Korps)
28 Hanoverian battalions
4 Brunswick
4 Hesse-Kassel
1 Schaumburg-Lippe
14 Hanoverian and Prussian cavalry regiments
15 batteries, 4 of which are heavies
16 Austrian battalions
24 French
18 Russian
4 Saxon
4 Bavarian
7 Swabian/Franconian
20 French, Austrian and Russian cavalry regiments
15 batteries

So a substantial numeric edge to the assorted allies, but a qualitative edge to the Prussian/Hanoverian army.  Objectives were control of two of three geographic points.  The town of Bittydorf at the river, crossroads at Dinkydorf and the hill on the far left of the Prussian position.  The river was fordable, but only by moving to the waters edge on turn and placing yourself disordered on the far shore next turn.  Armies got to deploy up to 20" in on the 16x6' table.  So we got to the action quickly.

Initial dispositions from (Prussian) right to left:

The coalition started out without the Austrians who were still en route.  But that didn't keep them from aggressively launching their cavalry on each flank in a series of all out charges.  Although the odds didn't favor them, the coalition forces were largely successful, throwing back the Hanoverian dragoons and horse grenadiers on the right, while routing a Prussian jaeger battalion on the left.
In the center the Russians occupied Dinkydorf with Pandours in open order, all close order would be disordered, and the French and Russians stood pat.
Here Frederick no doubt lectures his brother on what a bad general he is as the grenadiers move past.  The pipe cleaners were used to keep track of who still had their opening volley available and the ammo chests are a reminder of how many shots remain.

The arrival of the Austrians on turn three with both infantry and cavalry made the Prussian (Hanoverian) right pause and set for a long struggle.  While the enemy cavalry had skillfully disengaged after totally messing up their advance, the Hanoverians faced long odds in cavalry and a deficiency in infantry.  Though their other group continued the advance on the gap between Dinkydorf and the river.

A series of charges and counter attacks raged up and down the main street of Dinkydorf.  The Franconian grenadiers evicted a crack Prussian battalion that had just routed off a Pandour battalion.  In  the gap between the towns the Russians launched a series of supported charges against the Prussians and Hanoverians closing in, but were unsuccessful.

To the left of Dinkydorf the Swiss charged but were stopped and subsequently run off, leaving a gap to be exploited.  Plus, the Prussian heavy guns who had been manhandled into position finally got to fire and quickly ran off a Grenadiers de France battalion. 

And so this session came to a close.  The Austrians are scrambling to come to grips with the Hanoverians while the Prussians and other Hanoverians threaten to rupture the center.  To add to the coalition discomfort, the Brunswick and Hessian brigades, previously held back to make sure nothing drastic happened on the left, began to move forward to pressure the entire line.

The game will be concluded New Years Day as a fitting way to kick off 2013.  Stay tuned!


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