Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sausage and Sauerkraut Fest - Part II

When last we left off, the Prussians and Brunswickers were going at it, hammer and tongs against the Hanoverians.  Yes, I know, not historical but what we felt like using.  Each side has enjoyed some success by loading up on their right and attempting to turn the other fellow's left.  Unfortunately for the Hanoverians, the Prussians were a couple of turns ahead in the process.

The first turn of the second session saw a series of disastrous morale tosses for the Hanoverians.  That coupled with a combination of Prussian musketry utilizing selective "First Fire" orders and a series of charges left the right side of the line looking rather empty.

Several units streamed to the rear either "Shaken" or routed.  Unfortunately, the rallied and reformed Prussian cavalry sporting a new commander was there to pounce.  The von Stechow dragoons bagged the first of two standards taken by them in the action.

On the other right, the Hanoverian cavalry swept forward and scattered the Prussian hussars and Freikorps cavalry.  But significantly, did not break them.  Light troops began to infiltrate among the ravines, sniping on flanks and whittling down Prussian units that would then be charged.

Back on the Prussian right things continued to go poorly for the Hanoverians.  A cascade effect began to hit as units realized that other battalions from their brigade had been destroyed, weakening their resolve further.  When the von Stechow dragoons nicked their second flag of the battle it well and fully signaled the end on the right.

Struck down in the moment of victory

Some very old and tired dragoons finally rout

The question still remained about whether the Freikorps and Brunswickers could hold on the left.  Their resolve and resistance stiffened, sensing victory elsewhere and they conducted a skillful defense against their aggressive opponent.  The Prussian fusilier brigade seemed about to break through in the center, when a chance musket ball dropped their commander.  For long minutes they milled about, unable to take advantage of the situation till a replacement could be found.  Then, with command reasserted the destruction of the Hanoverian right and center was completed.  Allowing cavalry to begin relocating to the left.

In the end the Prussian left bent, strained, but did not break.  The end of the ridge line was still contested for the moment, but the rest of the Hanoverian army was running and the victorious Prussians were bearing down on the left.

The battle was signalized by much laughter and merriment, occasionally at the expense of the opposition but also with the cross-table knuckle bump.  As always The Final Argument of Kings gave us an enjoyable game with lots of tactical nuances but also speedy resolution.  Had we not stopped for pizza and to watch the best part of "The Wind and the Lion" we would have been done even sooner.

As they say, "wait till next time."


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