Monday, January 9, 2012

A Fresh Look

In a rare expression of "commonness" with his subjects, the Grand Duke of Litharus was observed taking a stroll with his Duchess and retinue recently.  Stunned on-lookers saw him walking the cobblestones of the older part of Vilnius.  He was even seen to leave a few coins at the local inn.

Buildings are a recent addition from the fpm series available at the Wargame Vault. These are sold as PDFs and are an inexpensive way, coupled with a quality printer, to produce inexpensive buildings by Dave Graffam Models.  They often come with different "layers" so that with basic Printshop skills you can produce a winter or harbor-side version.  Plus, since you have purchased the PDF you can print multiples, make some variations of your own, and produce a nice village or town setting.  Frequently at The Wargame Vault you can score a free or on sale version.  In retrospect I should have scaled them down a bit before printing so make them more compatible with my not-quite-so-heroic scale figures.

For our purposes, my darling wife glued these to a card backing of similar weight to what you would find on the back of a pad of paper.  This gives the building much more strength and fewer warping problems, but does create some construction issues.  Peg did a very nice job putting them together so they sit nice and flat.  These aren't Miniature Building Authority quality (what is?) but you can literally get a couple dozen for the price of one MBA model.

The cobblestones are a post-Christmas sale score.  The strip is 3' x 18" and cost me less than 10USD.  Over the years I've picked up enough of them to set a decent diorama.  Figures are a mix of Blue Moon and Eureka with the parade offered up by the latest Ostzeiskiy battalion from the Wargames Factory figures.


  1. Your buildings, street and minis all look so good!
    A promising debut for the new year in Litharus (btw you forgot to 'label' the post).


  2. Very nice, sir. And, Michael, if you ever need "Old West" buildings, I can highly recommend the "Whitewash City" buildings:

    I believe that these are also available from Wargames Vault but not with perhaps as good a look at them.

    -- Jeff

  3. Nice display, Michael. I especially like the Grand Duke at the tavern.
    Thanks for sharing your buildings -- a very reasonable way to get some buildings. Do you know if they have dark age or ancient buildings?

  4. Nice setup, buildings are great.

    -- Allan

  5. Reich Duke Wilhelm has requested the College of Honors to induct Grand Duke Alexander Orzepovski into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard. Best regards, sir!

  6. Thank you all.
    I added labels. :-)
    I noticed those Whitewash buildings; pretty nice.
    Dark Ages and Midievals are available.
    My thanks to the Reich Duke. My first bestowed honor!

  7. Michael,

    Where did you procure the two boys marching ahead of the column?


  8. I wish I could be specific, but they came in a set of civilian figures I got loose off eBay. It included the woman sweeping, the laborers and a few others.