Saturday, November 5, 2011

Garrison Regiment to Muster

With word circulating of a pending winter campaign by Gallia against Hesse-Seewald, Grand Duke Orzepovski of Litharus has authorized the raising of two Garrison regiments to ensure domestic security should the main army march off again.  The first two companies of the slightly smaller than normal battalions completed their muster and paraded for the Grand Duke today.

Each battalion will have six grenadiers and 48 musketeers.  It is expected that they will not be expected to serve beyond the borders of Litharus though the requirements of the State may supersede that.

Here the Grand Duke (center) looks on as the new soldiers receive salutes from civilian dignitaries.

Figures are Wargames Factory WSS musketeers in 28mm.  Uniforms are based on those illustrated in the Funcken Lace Wars book as the Semenowski Regiment.  Since they aren't intended to be front-line troops, it seemed reasonable for them to wear an older style uniform.  Two 54 man battalions are planned at this time.  The Grand Duke has not yet decided whether they should have the honor of carrying standards. 

I did not expect the multi-pose figures to be an issue assembling for this old-time modeler, but I did find them more "fiddly" than expected.  When I switched from Super Glue to plastic modeling glue (duh!) it went much smoother.


  1. Applause and congratulations Michael!
    Good-looking with style.

  2. Well done. A sturdy looking lot that will do any prince of the realm proud. I do like those WSS minis.