Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to work!

Well, maybe I should say back to work painting so I can play!  Finally a lull in life's action so I could pick up a paint brush for the first time last night since the end of August.  For someone who habitually turns out 100-150 figures a month, that is a long time.

So what do I have on the paint sticks?  Some Old Glory 15mm SYW Russian Observation Corps musketeers and some Frontier 15mm Union troops for the ACW.  In each case I'm trying something new to get a "wargames level" paint job.  I've primed them with the base color.  In the case of the Russians, Hunter Green, and the Yankees are in some dark blue, I'm afraid I don't remember the title.  Both colors give me a light coat than I would like normally, but in my grand experimental scheme I plan to give them a dark wash so that it just looks like highlights without needing to dry brush them on.  For 15s dry brushing the faces and hands with a flesh tone doesn't seem to leave the underlying green or blue noticeable, so I may be in luck there.  I'm taking some pictures and will post the success or failure when I'm done.

For my Imagi-Nation Litharus Tarus Schvenko is about to get 36 28mm Foundry Cossacks to lead.  I've had the leader, son and Father set painted for some time, but now finally they have a horde to lead.  Again, pictures will be forth-coming.

Waiting in the wings are 15mm Russian Napoleonics on commission from a good friend.  Dragoons, Cossacks and Limbers; oh my!  Something different to break up the routine.

Also waiting their turn are three boxes of the Wargames Factory War of Spanish Succession infantry.  I got one box on eBay to see just how "fiddley" they were, wasn't intimidated, and got two more for a song.  Basically the three boxes for a little over the price of one at retail.  They will become garrison troops for Litharus in 54 figures units, each with six grenadiers.  Of course, I'm sure I will "accidentally" paint them in an obscure historic uniform just in case I want to use them for a regular game.  I've always balked at spending the dough on miniatures that will assume a fantasy identity, but these wonderful plastics make it affordable again.  This will give me 10 Litharusian infantry units; 7 of 60 figures and 3 of 54.

One of these days I'll have to get to the mass of 1/2400 ships awaiting attention.  But for now my short attention span is focused (is that a contradiction of terms?  Focused short attention span?) on other projects.

Good gaming and happy painting ya'll!

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