Thursday, March 24, 2011

Army Reinforcements

Today I want to formally introduce the arrival of three new units to my 18th century collections, though all three have been blooded on the gaming table already with varying degrees of success.  Click to enlarge pictures.

First up are the Royal Marines.  Old Glory 25mm figures with an extra leader figure from the Old Glory European Captains bag.  Their combat debut for me was in the Caribbean game previously posted.  Divided into two elements, one attempted unsuccessfully to storm the pirate stronghold and found themselves drifting in irons a good deal of the rest of the game.  The second and larger group made it to shore safely and attempted to storm the Spanish shore battery.  They were annihilated in the attempt.


Next, representing His Most Catholic Majesty, the King of Spain, we find the Fixed Regiment of Puerto Rico.  A long-standing colonial regiment that historically served with distinction.  In my game however one group routed and never returned from seeing the Commander in Chief catch a mortar bomb in his three-cornered hat, and the other that was engaged fired one volley and ran.  The third group never got into combat.  Perhaps all for the better for their regimental honor.

Finally, we have a Free Men of Color unit based on references to similar units I've seen described.  These men, with their white officer (just being historic here) were the best unit the Spanish fielded in my game.  They traded fire with Highlanders, ran off the Rangers, and were in good order at the end of the game.  I see a bright future for them in my armies.