Thursday, September 23, 2010

18th Century - Homemade Fleets

Well, not exactly a fleet, but enough 25-28mm water craft to enable some extra options.  Many of the craft currently available strike me as expensive and often rather "exotic" looking.  So I decided to test the waters (har-har) and attempt to make some boats.  Gathering gubbins already at hand (tip o' the tricorne to the Grant family) and making a few inexpensive purchases I prepared to construct a small galliot.  Sorry the pictures aren't sharper.  If you click on them they enlarge to look even fuzzier!

I took a base piece of plywood and attached a raised foredeck and after deck.  The sides were just some molding I purchased at the local Michael's outlet.  Glue plus patience and I was ready to continue.

It was simple enough to fashion the stern post and other aspects of the ship.  Craft plugs were glued to the corners for running lights and the extensions at the waterline were molded and sanded to match as much as possible.

The bow was sanded and then cardboard was shaped around the curve to create the lower section.  A single port for a bow-chaser was cut and a metal gun inserted.  I was pleased and surprised what a little paint will do towards making it look more professional.

I want my ships to be generic so all the names are Latin.  In theory I can use them for almost any nationality.

A lateen sail provides some propulsion in a removable mast.  I assume the horse grenadiers (destined for another army) look on in approval. 

I haven't worked out how to effectively model oars that won't take up an inordinate amount of space or be too breakable.  I may also add a bowsprit, but time will tell.  A rudder and tiller was also added after this picture.  It will hold fourteen castings on 1" bases or 21 on 3/4" which is my other system.  En garde!


  1. Well crafted!
    Oars. McDonalds had coffee stirrers 25 years ago made of white plastic. Snap off one end and I had more than tolerable 25mm oars. I've no idea if they are still available.
    Give way all,

  2. Thanks. The stir sticks are still available and I have a bunch, I'm just not sure how to use them. I don't want the model to end up 10" wide, or have them snap off if not supported, so it's a puzzle to me. I'll probably end up having them stowed against the hull and pretend she's under wind power.

  3. Most clever, sir. I should like to try this approach.